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Career Center Carroll Broadcasting brings you 3 unique radio formats that captures consumers ages 14 to 75. If you want to take your business to the next level of success, try our stations as your winning edge. For information about each individual station, you can visit the station profiles section, or contact a sales consultant today. This is just free information, you are under no obligation to buy any radio advertising. Below is a list of our dedicated staff, who is working hard to sell the power of radio. Click on the names below to email. Using the menu above you may also look at our station more in depth, or listen to some of our produced commercials. 
Commercial Demos

Kim Hackett General Manager/Regional Advertising/National Advertising
Deb Lupardus Local Sales Manager
Lynda Dukes-Franey Sales & Marketing Representative
Susie Schrader Sales & Marketing Representative
Pete Collison Website Advertisting and CB-TV Representative
Kris Boeckman Sales & Marketing Representative
Sue Huebsch Sales & Marketing Representative
Misty Jones Sales & Marketing Representative

2012 Carroll Broadcasting Company An Equal Opportunity Employer